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Intercultural Competence Profiler (ICP)

Intercultural competence describes someone’s ability to reconcile dilemmas on various levels. We have accumulated a significant body of evidence showing that reconciling values makes business more effective.

The basic principles of the ICP

  • Assessment/feedback versus a mirror/reflection of the respondent (and, therefore, we speak of “describing” instead of “scoring”): it is about how the respondent sees him/herself. This way we avoid cultural bias.
  • Giving advice versus (self-) guiding (reflection questions): we give guidance as to what they can reflect on.
  • Responsibility for development with coach versus responsibility for development with respondent (self-sufficiency): it is about coaching – the coach helps the respondent in his/her personal development.
  • “Static” tool versus developmental tool: you can do the tool over time and see the changes.
  • Linear approach to development versus reconciled approach to development: we encourage the respondent to use DRP in his personal development, instead of for instance SMART objectives.

Self assessment and Observer feedback

  • Self: Your personal profile is an indication of how you have described your knowledge and behaviors. It is not intended to be compared to those of others, because we all use different standards to describe ourselves.
  • Observers: When we use the observer version completed by people from your work environment, there is an “independent” measure against which you can compare your own assessment.