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Diagnostic toolbox

To apply the 4Rs of Recognise, Respect, Reconciliation and Realise, we have a comprehensive set of tools for building organisational compentence through technology to create a custom plan for your organisation with supporting services of coaching, training, keynotes and consulting.

  • for individuals, we have various web based tools for determining cross-cultural orientations and preferences: intercultural competence profiler, personal values profiler, intercultural leadership assessment etc.
  • for teams, we consider the variability and harmony in personal cultural preferences and value systems as well as extended team measuring and team building metrics for multi-cultural teams.
  • for organizations, we conduct organization values assessment together with consulting to identity and focus, preparedness for globalization, through to the cultural aspects of mergers and acquisitions. We also asses corporate culture and corporate inertia.

These pages are under construction to bring you demonstrations of our respected renowned diagnostic tools so that you can experience our dynamic support for your organisation.