We are planning to acquire a supplier, what are the main challenges we will face? 

How can we create a process where we get the best of both worlds? 

Our management has difficulties to deal with the cultural aspects because they are so soft. How to make them “harder”? 

Helping you identify the differences by recognising the business and cultural dilemmas that result from those differences.  We will offer solutions to help create the best of both worlds by respecting the differences. And finally, we guide you with a process to create a new culture that helps achieve your newly defined business results.

Did you know that?

2 out of 3 mergers fail
due to lack of attention for Culture

Our approach to Merger & Acquisitions

1 Recognize

Understanding Business and Cultural differences is crucial for the performance of the NewCo


Diagnostics for mapping both cultural and business differences

2 Respect

Charting the differences as attractive dilemmas to avoid compromises and foster constructive dialogues


Our blended workshops include the usage of our tools to assess and align cultures, both national and organizational

3 Reconcile

Establishing a common ground for win-win situations and integral effective solutions through the combination of opposites


Through our proprietory Dilemma Reconciliation Process we guarantee an innovative set of integral effective solutions

4 Realize

Supporting in implementing the resolutions by rooting systems and processes Into the company’s culture in a systemic way


We support our clients in the concrete implementation and rooting of the suggested reconciliations, with the support of our patented processes

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