Our leadership development program led to great successes in the USA. Why doesn’t it seem to work as well in Europe?

Can you help us to develop leaders that can deal with multi-cultural teams?

We highly appreciate the beauty of Servant Leadership, but how to implement it effectively? 

We believe that most leadership models are culturally biased and based on mutually exclusive categories. They do not work outside of their own cultures. Servant Leadership is an exception as it is driven by the motivation of enabling others to work more effectively and be successful.

Did you know that?


of employees will quit their jobs due to lack of appreciation from leaders


of Millennials believe
there is a lack of leadership development in the workplace

only 5%

of companies have integrated leadership development in their corporations


of enterprises believe it’s important to develop leaders at all levels in a company

Our approach to Leadership

1 Recognize

Helping Global Leaders to be aware of their leadership competences in the 4 R’s and assessing them on their dominant 7D score


Diagnostics for mapping both the degree of intercultural competence and how to deal with the major dilemmas that leaders face

2 Respect

Building on the strength of the leaders' capabilities and enrich them with the opposites


Our blended workshops include the usage of our tools to assess and align cultures, both national and organizational

3 Reconcile

Introducing the concept “Servant Leadership as a Reconciler in Chief”, whilst working on the most important dilemmas


Through constructive dialogues we try to take advantage of cultural differences and what it means for our leadership

4 Realize

Supporting in implementing the transnational organization by rooting behaviours and processes into the organization’s culture in a systemic way


We support our clients in the concrete implementation and rooting of the suggested reconciliations of the serving-leading dilemma 

Our publications in Leadership

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a suite of digital tools that make our intervention more effective