We have a world presence with licensed associates and subsidiary operations in many parts of the world who specialises in training, coaching, leadership development and consulting in such areas as Cultural awareness and competence, diversity, equity and inclusion, servant leadership, sustainability, team effectiveness, financial management, human resources. We help develop your company programs with different tools and knowledge to gain insights and increase cross-cultural learning with different levels of interventions with experts in their field.

"When strategy
and culture clash,
culture always wins"

Charles Hampden-Turner

Jelte Veltzen

Jelte has an extensive (17 years) consulting and management background in Non Financial Risk Management (ERM/ORM/Compliance and Internal Audit), Leadership and Programme & Change Management (within PwC, Rabobank, ING and KPMG). The majority of Jelte’s experience has been in the...

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Toni Wilson

Toni Wilson is the Principal of AquaInternational Leadership Consulting specializing in the design, development and strategic cultural integration of diversity & inclusion. She has over 25 years of experience in human resources and has been consulting to Fortune 100 companies...

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Alex Morgan

With 15 years’ HR, training and coaching expertise, Alex has run powerful and effective programmes with global and local clients. These programmes make significant improvements in communication within and between teams, and create effective leaders and managers. She also has...

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Henk den Dekker

Henk brings over 35 years of International Management and Business Advisory experience. He has a profound experience in how differences in culture and ways of working internationally affect business, gained while working in various industries. Henk was a Managing Partner...

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Jorge Cagigas

Jorge Cagigas has a degree in law from the University of Valladolid, studied Political Science at the Complutense University and has taken several specialisation courses in Global Management Systems and Advanced Human Resources Development at New York University. With an...

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Richard Forrest

An internationally experienced HR professional specialized in the field of Intercultural Awareness and development for leaders, teams and managers Specialist area of focus is in innovation and dilemma reconciliation, as well as organizational behaviour and change and diversity with over...

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Theresa Sigillito Hollema

Theresa’s mission is to support people and teams who work internationally with focus areas on cross-cultural competence, high performance teams and virtual teamwork. In addition, she consults with organizations to create a culture that enables cross-border virtual teams to thrive....

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Oscar van Weerdenburg

Oscar van Weerdenburg is a senior coach, keynote speaker and consultant working with a wide-range of blue chip companies who operate in a complex multicultural environment. He has held numerous seminars and presentations on diversity and team development, international negotiations,...

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Dr Gary Hays

Experienced international HR professional with extensive line management/business and supervisory board experience. Gary was born in London, England but has lived for much of his life in The Netherlands (he has both British & Dutch nationality), although has also lived...

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Prof Arun Singh

Arun is a corporate educator and international lawyer in private practice. As a facilitator, coach and consultant he focuses on Intercultural Management and Communication, International Leadership, Impact and Influence, Intercultural Negotiations, Cultural Due Diligence, and Country-Specific Advice (among others Indian...

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Henk den Dekker, Milou Jansen, Marco Schuller, Ikram Choho, Jelte Velzen, Rosa Bogerd, Ernst Patrick Graamans, Gerard Grouve, Andreia Carita, Chie Misumi, Cristina Marques Moran, Joelle Olga Joubert, Sandy Rathod, Sjoukje Elsma, Esseline van de Sande, Hasan Kujjah, Nikki can der Poel, Christer Guldemond, Celine Schroeder, Marie-Célcile Legrande, Roland de Bruijn, Theresa Hollema, Gulayi Burunacik, Susan Jehnke, Marie Mendgen, Alex Morgan, Gary Hays, Sarah Voller, Fanni Fejes, Efi Stavropoulou, Wolfgang Hennen, Zoran Pantoulas, Lucas de Jong de Abril, Jorge Cagigas, Yanique Fletcher, Sean Williams, Harris Friedman, Tom Meyers, Samue Nunekpeku, Dr. Cathleen Dunn, Dolores Opon, David Gurteen, Shangieta Hanoeman, Ton Bastiaans, Francisco Paco, Anita Buzard, Ania Kopysiewicz, Robert Paul Schwippert, Rianna Schreuders, Brian Tjemkes, Oli Mihalache, Sylvia van de Bunt, Theresa Hollema, Sezen Lambin


Nori Furuya, Tania Leger, Roosmarijn Emmering, Ivy Mukherjee, Marketa Simkova, Gunjan Pradip Shroff, Diana Khague Sleiman, Vinod Kumar Bhatt


Rebecca Minor,Jeanne D. Maes Ph.D., Professor,Lisa A. McElvaney, PhD, Valerie J. Vales, Zach Glover, Jerry Glover, Richard Forrest, Suzanne Sterling, Laurie R. Weingart, Debi Dobransky-Fasiska, Evelyn Pierce, Laura C. Maxwell, Sylvia Voight, Ron Placone, Colleen McMullen, Anita Woolley, Julia Deems, Betty Cosnek, Robin Savikas, Lena Neal, Jaspal Bajwa, Kimberley Barker, Toni Wilson. Oona Stock