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How does it work

Our support and services can help you meet your biggest challenges in corporate culture for international business

We apply our expertise to all business implications of culture. Our tailored keynotes, workshops and consulting solutions are based on your organization’s needs by leveraging our expertise and our proprietary intellectual capital, captured in THT’s unique cultural databases and tools. We identify the key challenges your organization faces, and provide solutions to overcome tensions resulting from competing viewpoints and priorities.

How we guarantee to solve your cultural dilemmas

We help your organization to build winning cultures. We do this by creating awareness of culture as a crucial success driver, by researching culture across many dimensions and by applying our insights and methodologies in a way that takes root and produces tangible results. We train people to recognize, respect and reconcile cultural differences, and make them use cultural advances to achieve better results.

We offer bespoke keynotes, workshops and consulting services example areas below.  Together, we can help your organization build a better business culture.



We have Relevant Case Studies to Share with You as well as sample area of topics


A Dutch Energy organization

A high profile Hong Kong organization

A US private investment company

A large Dutch Hospital

A large US based Global Electronics Manufacturer