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Leadership Dilemmas

Addressing your leadership dilemmas, and build a business culture where you can move ahead with positive confidence

As a leader driving an organization forward, you face numerous challenges, conflicts and dilemmas. You must inspire – yet you need to listen as well. You must make decisions and delegate. You have to centralize your organization around local responsibilities. As a professional you need to excel in your specific role, and at the same time you must be aligned with the wider organizational mission.

Typical leadership dilemmas that we can help you resolve include:

Should we take a globalized or localized approach?

Your dilemma might be whether to go for global mass production or focus on regional specialized products? We can help leaders find a cultural solution in the ‘transnational organization’ – where the best local practices are being globalized on a continuous basis. ‘Mass-customization now enables a reconciliation between standardized production and specialized adaptations.

How can we integrate team spirit with individual creativity and a competitive mindset?

We can help leaders build a culture of ‘co-opetition’ – that motivates creative individuals to form successful teams. The team is stimulated to support the brilliant individuals, who are happy to deploy themselves for the bigger whole of the team.

Is a good leader passionate – or dispassionate?

An inspirational leader like Virgin’s Richard Branson regularly checks his headline-grabbing passion with reason. A more ‘business-like’ leader such as GE’s Jack Welch knows when to lighten his controlled reason by showing passion. We can help leaders find the right personal balance between inspirational emotion and business logic.

Is it better to focus on the big picture – or specific issues?

We can help leaders to gain a ‘helicopter view’ of their organization – the capability to see the overview while also being able to zoom in to specific aspects of the matter. An important characteristic of the modern leader is the ability to know where to ‘go deep’ – and when over-analysis can lead to paralysis.

Our tools for Leadership Dilemmas include: