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Support your organization’s leaders and managers in creating and sustaining a culture that harnesses creativity and innovation

Our approach to innovation extends beyond existing theories and frameworks. We help you strengthen the connection between organizational development and the development of individuals, particularly in terms of leadership. This supports a more fruitful use of talent and motivation of the workforce.

When creating a culture of creativity and innovation, we address three areas:

  • Leadership and individual development, including cultural awareness and how to use diversity as a leader.
  • Team effectiveness, including team roles, practices and attitudes.
  • Organizational development, which involves bringing the authority down to the appropriate level within the organization, as well as focusing on the role of leadership in developing a culture of sustainable innovation.

Key outcomes for your organization include:

  • Awareness of individual, team and organizational competence for innovation.
  • Individual roadmaps for increasing creativity.
  • Team roadmap for increasing inventive competence by reconciling key team dilemmas.
  • Organizational roadmap for developing a culture of creativity and innovation.
  • Increased competence (individual, team and organizational) for dealing effectively with diversity by reconciling dilemmas.

Our tools for Innovation include: