Connecting Viewpoints

Culture is the way a human group resolves its problems/dilemmas in the areas of human relationships, time and nature.

Culture as a competitive advantage and Trompenaars Hampden-Turner can support organisations to leverage diversity for innovation and high performance. Successfully dealing with the complexities of globalization and keeping up with the speed of change is a major challenge for today’s international managers and corporate leaders.

Understanding how culture impacts the business behaviour and choices people make when confronted with competing demands helps to improve and accelerate successful communication, decision making and  overall business performance.

We help make the business and people aspects of culture explicit and measurable using a wide range of well proven digital solutions linked to our Intellectual Property. By helping leaders and managers to recognize and connect different viewpoints we can help you leverage the cultural diversity in your organization to realize your business potential and new innovations.

Due to technological developments the pace of change continues to accelerate.  This speed of change has become the new norm for every organization. Whether your challenge involves an M&A integration, a cultural transformation or an international IT or financial systems roll out this current global and digital era requires a new way of thinking and operating: an integral way of leading your organisation.

We offer organizations deep expertise in dealing with (cultural) diversity on three levels:

  • Supporting Leaders to deal with the complexities of competing demands across borders.
  • Improving cross-cultural Team performance by connecting different viewpoints.
  • Organizational growth, in respect to the company’s results.

Our approach cultivates an integral way of leading your organization by means of a blended approach with a combination of consulting and digital solutions.

Our consultants identify the key business culture challenges your organization faces – and provide solutions to overcome tensions resulting from competing viewpoints and priorities. THT was co-founded by Charles Hampden-Turner and Professor Fons Trompenaars, recognized as one of the world’s leading management thinkers in the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame.

Our experts are inspirational and motivational speakers on all issues relating to business culture. Organizations worldwide trust us to deliver powerful and insightful talks, keynotes and after-dinner speeches, and also to chair workshops, panel discussions and round-table events. Our founder Fons Trompenaars is a recognized thought-leader on culture for business, frequently invited to talk about his insights and experience in research and practice.

Our coaching and training helps organizations understand and improve their business culture: Participants learn about the seven dimensions of business culture as developed by our co-founder Professor Fons Trompenaar. We have also developed a wide range of innovative digital tools and mobile apps to help your managers and employees gain a better understanding of cultural differences in the business workplace.

THT also certifies individual consultants, trainers, facilitators, coaches and organizations to use our proprietary tools. We have licensees around the world who can provide THT-certified coaching and training.