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Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP)

Every existing culture has a place in between two extremes of seven cultural dimensions. Five describe interpersonal relationships, one in relation to time, and one in relation to the environment. To measure culture, we have created the IAP.

IAP questionnaire is designed to assess the personal orientation of choices that an individual makes when resolving intercultural business issues. Using a range of diagnostic questions, the questionnaire is able to elicit individual cross-cultural orientations against the Seven Dimensions of Culture model. The IAP can be used in conjunction with workshops as well as in coaching situations. It allows the user to perform a comprehensive personal analysis of their own cross-cultural orientation based on their individually generated profile and the personalized feedback provided.

Depending on the circumstances, the questionnaire can be set up in different ways, and can include a component to produce a corporate culture profile. In the case of intact teams or larger groups, further questions can be used to sub-group participants according to their roles, functional areas or other variables and, thereby, provide insight into the group’s orientation in relationship with other national and/or organizational cultures.

Benefits of the IAP questionnaire and profile:

  • Various methods of administering the questionnaire, depending on client needs
  • Profiles available either in hard copy or online 
  • Questionnaire available in multiple languages
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Culture for Business App, a self-paced, e-learning tool