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Corporate Culture Profiler (CCP)

There are two main dilemmas at the core of each business, which we use to model the corporate culture. Using this method we can compare different organizations and elicit their dilemmas. We do this using our CCP.

CCP is a multi-functional instrument that enables participants to review and examine the interpretations employees give to relationships with each other and with the organization as a whole. Specifically, the CCP looks at the perceived current and idealized perceptions of issues such as: Corporate Effectiveness (towards mission/goals), Efficiency, Loyalty, Learning and Values, as well as possible other areas as per the request of the individual client. Like other corporate culture diagnostic tools, the CCP offers a simple diagnosis of the dominant culture in your organization using 4 typologies: Incubator, Family, Guided Missile and Eiffel Tower. This could be helpful in either mergers/acquisitions, strategic change, diversity, globalization or other related issues.

Benefits of the CCP:

  • Provides a rigorous assessment of key issues rather than assumed needs
  • Offers a road map for future action
  • Benchmarking against THT’s cultural, industry or sector databases
  • Secures engagement with organization/conference/workshop participants