Our new reward system doesn’t seem to work in France. Could you please help us in rolling it out?

Our marketing strategy is affected significantly by global media like CNN and Sky. What should our approach be?

Shall we take cultural differences into account when complying to safety standards?

Globalization increases the number of intercultural encounters. Respecting the cultural diversity means that we have to deal with many dilemmas that can impact the roll out of organization-wide programs in e.g. Marketing and HR. We help to reconcile those tensions for more effective programs and better performance.

Did you know?

Top-team ethnic and cultural diversity is correlated with profitability. 

According to the "Delivery through diversity" research from Mc Kinsey, companies with the most ethnically diverse teams — not only with respect to absolute representation but also of variety or mix of ethnicities — are more likely to outperform their peers on profitability, 33% for executive teams and 43% for the board of directors.

Our approach to Globalization

1 Recognize

Understanding the need to globalize or localize will affect the need to understand cultural differences


Diagnostics for mapping both the degree of globalization and what are the crucial cultural differences

2 Respect

Charting the differences as attractive dilemmas to avoid compromises and foster constructive dialogues


Our blended workshops include the usage of our tools to assess and align cultures, both national and organizational

3 Reconcile

Establishing a common ground for win-win situations to know what we need to do globally to help local clients best


Through constructive dialogues we try to take advantage of cultural differences and what it means for our process of globalization

4 Realize

Supporting in implementing the transnational organization by rooting systems and processes into the organization’s culture in a systemic way


We support the client in the concrete implementation and rooting of the suggested reconciliations of the global-local dilemma

Our publications in Globalization

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