Enhancing the Diversity and Inclusion agenda in terms of Values to Behaviours and unconscious bias through interactive masterclasses

About Mainstream renewable power
The client challenge

Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) is unique in their ability to manage risk across diverse markets globally. Their business model involves the early identification of greenfield sites in high growth markets which are then developed, built and operated. As a pure-play developer of wind and solar plants, they have decades of expertise in-house. This means that all the lessons they have learned are used to continually and systematically improve their in-house development processes. It’s this constantly evolving system of continual improvement that makes MRP an important player in the energy field.

The client challenge

MRP wanted to strengthen the level of awareness and visibility of its commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), both internally (organization-wide) and externally to its customer community. Internally this would reflect a deeper level of understanding and integration of inclusive practices that make DEI a fundamental tenet of Renewable Power’s culture and organizational practices. Not having a culture that enables business results and fully supports the ambitions of MRP would have slowed down progress. Therefore, it was crucial to incorporate an agile cultural alignment to empower individuals and teams to take initiative.

Our approach to Diversity & Inclusion


A set of interactive masterclasses to increase participants’ awareness of their own cultural assumptions and the cultural perspectives of their colleagues and business partners. This led to a deeper understanding and commitment to maintaining a work environment that is inclusive. The meaning of DEI within Renewable Energy and how the principles of DEI aim to were also reinforced.


A second set of interactive masterclasses to learn to respect cultural (value) differences as a basis for building effective relationships with colleagues, teams, and other stakeholders across cultures. Develop and implement a DEI learning/development strategy for engaging all staff members in supporting and modeling inclusive behaviors and practices.


Workshops to identify business dilemmas caused by cultural value tensions and the mindset necessary to leverage the diversity for learning and creativity.

This helped participants better understand how they can benefit from the diversity of their colleagues, one of the advantages of an international organization.


Translating and embedding the core values into desirable behaviors, by identifying and communicating specific approaches for all employees to understand and value fundamental principles of treating all people with dignity and respect. We implemented a set of initiatives aimed at bringing these behaviors alive in day-to-day business.