We have a lot of creative people but can’t get innovation commercialized. Can you help? 

Can you support our multi-cultural teams to get a boost towards a more innovative culture? 

How to get our different innovative teams to coordinate their actions for the successful implementation of innovation? 

We help our clients to diagnose in what phase they are is the eternal process to make innovation sustainable, a second nature, and to help them reconcile the most crucial dilemmas that occur at that stage.

Did you know that?

A business that invests in creativity is 


more likely to be financially successful.


more likely also to foster innovation


more rewarded with satisfied customers


more competitive


more providing a better customer experience

Adobe State of Create 2016 Report

Organizational culture is the end result of competing values fighting for preference. If one value dominates its opposite you run a risk. 

Our approach to Innovation

1 Recognize

Our Culture for Innovation Scan allows to diagnose the developmental phase the organization is and the open challenges


Diagnostics for mapping both organizational cultural development and its necessary challenges

2 Respect

Charting the differences as attractive dilemmas to avoid compromises and foster innovative dialogues


Our blended workshops include the usage of our tools to assess the major dilemmas and paths to innovation

3 Reconcile

Establishing a common ground for win-win situations and integral innovative solutions through the combination of opposites


Through our proprietory Dilemma Reconciliation Process we guaratee an innovative set of integral effective solutions

4 Realize

Supporting in implementing the resolutions by rooting systems and processes into an innovativeculture in a systemic way


We support the client in the concrete implementation and rooting of the suggested reconciliations, with the support of our patented processes and tools

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Discover our Culture for Innovation Scan,

a tool to diagnose and reconcile the dilemmas linked to innovation