Culture change for Digital transformation

About Partena professional
The client challenge

With 28 branches, 1800 employees and 195 million euros turnover,  Partena Professional is Belgium’s largest Collaborative Company. It supports business entrepreneurs from the foundations of their business throughout the entire life cycle, by providing all the expertise and advisory needed. Partena looks to the future together with its clients and works until it works: customer service runs through everything Partena Professional do.

The client challenge

In 2018, Partena Professional carried out a major overhaul to enable employees to develop and to attract new talent. The objective was straightforward: leaving behind a pyramid-style organizational structure for a more collaborative form of organization underpinned by autonomy and responsibility. Because of the scale of the transformation, it was implemented in waves, to best support the teams affected by it. The plan for the entire organization was to have switched to a collaborative governance structure by 2021, in order to become one of the largest collaborative companies in Belgium.

Our approach to Culture Change


We provided deeper insights to the executive board and management teams into how existing sub-cultures are functioning and how company values impacts the strategic capabilities to execute a collaborative digital-led strategy. We administered a web-based questionnaire measuring current and ideal sub-cultures and added a Culture for Change Scan to identify the most common dillemmas. We also conducted face-to-face interviews to articulate vision, strategy and main themes.


Insights from the Culture for Change Scan were used to tailor a program to create sustainable culture change throughout a larger reach in the organization. Cultural dilemmas between the current and ideal cultures were captured and used to design the program and form the groups basing on their role and kind of dilemma they are confronted with.


Workshop(s) were conducted to engage participants in the process of reconciliation of business dilemmas, resulting in a revamp of corporate values to support the desired cultural transformation. Communication was completed by webinars to gather feedback and questions.


Interventions were completed by providing concrete support in the implementation via consulting, executive coaching and instructor led classes. A self-study ecosystem was provided, with general content via apps, eBooks and e-learning.