Diagnosing the existing and desired organizational culture was a good start. How to create real value by combining both?

We have a new strategy. How can we have our culture supporting the new direction we have taken?

Can we get some help in creating a purpose and a set of values that our people are truly committed to?

We help and engage our clients to go beyond diagnosis by supporting them in enriching their existing culture with the desired one. The dilemmas resulting from the tension between ‘ist’ and ‘soll’ need to be reconciled to get the organization into better performance.

We start with concrete business challenges.   We believe that starting with culture in a change process is much less effective than starting with business issues because culture needs to support business issues rather than vice versa.

Did you know that?

1 in 3

U.S. workers say they received recognition for their work within the past seven days. Employees who don’t feel recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit their job within the next year.


of potential employees would not apply or continue to work for a company that has a bad reputation with former employees or the public, and 65% would likely leave their job if they felt they were being portrayed negatively .


of employees have left a job or would consider leaving one if they felt the culture was permeated by negative office politics.

Our approach to Cultural Change

1 Recognize

Understanding differences between current and desired cultures is crucial for the performance of a changing organization


Diagnostics for mapping both current and ideal organizational cultures

2 Respect

Charting the differences as attractive dilemmas to avoid compromises and foster constructive dialogues between current and ideal


Our blended workshops include the usage of our tools to reconcile current and ideal cultures for higher performance

3 Reconcile

Establishing a common ground for win-win situations and integral effective solutions through the combination of opposites


Through our proprietory Dilemma Reconciliation Process we guarantee an set of effective solutions that foster change and lower resistance

4 Realize

Supporting in implementing the resolutions by rooting systems and processes into the company’s culture in a systemic way


We support our clients in the concrete implementation and rooting of the suggested reconciliations, with the support of our patented processes and tools

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