Practical training for Licensees to develop themselves and broaden their horizon in the Seven Dimensions of Culture model and Dilemma Reconciliation.  Validation through work based practice and eLearning to ensure highest standards for practitioners.

We train all licensees in our Seven Dimensions of Corporate Culture model and Dilemma Reconciliation Methodology and its application in organisations supported by our tools and apps.    The programme provides the essential tools for individual trainers, consultants, project managers and coache.

Training involves pre-work using E-Learning and WebCue in order to bring each participant of the training to the required level. The licensee course includes academic and practical components. Teamwork, interactive exercises and cooperation are key characteristics of the training.

In our blended approach professionals, leaders and teams shape their development through assessment of their knowledge and skills, accessing knowledge resources using e-learning and e-books, attending training, and building networks that reflect their personal desires to really make a difference.

Our Accredited Licensee training includes the following areas:

  • Academic
  • 4 Rs
  • Corporate Culture/Organisation Culture
  • Dilemma Reconciliation