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Objectives DRP workshop

General learning objectives

Develop knowledge and understanding about the basic drivers behind the participants’ own cultural perspectives and those of their colleagues to create a shared frame of reference. Increase the participants’ awareness and understanding of the business implications and challenges derived from the national and corporate cultural differences, in areas such as: communication styles, team dynamics, decision-making processes, meeting styles, attitude towards authority, negotiation and management styles, time management, etc.

Build skills in mapping cultural differences with the help of the Organization Value Profiler and the 7 Dimensions of Culture as a means to improve dialogue and mutual learning in personal and professional environments, Develop basic skills to cope with cultural differences in a business environment. Create a collaborative business climate of mutual respect and trust in order to leverage diversity for business results. Full Teaching on how to recognize, respect and reconcile dilemmas.

Design principles

Together with learning objectives, design principles determine the setup and layout of a training or workshop and its roll out. All of our training make use of a range of learning techniques to facilitate different learning styles, for example: interactive lectures, large and small group discussions, cases, exercises, simulations, role plays, videos, quizzes, feedback on personal cultural profiles, peer coaching etc… We also consider blended learning to be an important design principle and have included this in the program build up. In blended learning classroom, eLearning and e-support follow up are combined.