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From Data to Connections

We enable licensees to apply THT Consulting’s business culture expertise worldwide


We encourage personal growth through creating a culture of dialogue and innovation by offering a process of role-based courses and certifications.  We provide a community platform via our website licensee dashboard as well as a Linkedin Group.  We encourage a professional network of Trompenaars Hampden-Turner licensees who can support each other.

Licensing is by certification via our eLearning Professional in three modulesour Seven Dimensions of Culture, Organisational Culture model and Dilemma Reconciliation Methodology and its application in organisations supported by our enabling and diagnostics tools/apps.    Our programmes provide the essential tools for individual trainers, consultants, project managers and coaches and provide options for ICF CCE and CPD credits.

A network by working together with certified licensees to colloborate and enhance their deliveries, projects and individual development to enable a Trompenaars Hampden-Turner licensee network across the globe.

“After my licensee training I put the Dilemma Reconciliation Process into practice with a client who needed to create more flexible client contracts. The outcome was very successful for both my client and their head office contracts team. I have great confidence in DRP as leadership decision making tool.”  Alex Morgan, Abbey Communication 2018 Certified Licensee

Our in house Train the Trainer modules for organisations is an opportunity to enable internal capacity.   All in-house licensee programmes are tailored to the requirements of the needs of the organisation utlising tools and apps specific to requirements.

” I’ve realised that leadership staff in particular find the 7D model very helpful, as they form an integral part of the model process, rather than just learning theories ‘imposed’ on them. Any reluctancy on behalf of the participant is therefore eliminated completely! So glad I finally found a model that’s effective and easy to use”. Highly recommend the training!”   Susan Jehnke 2019 Certified Licensee


We award three levels of license for certification

Trompenaars Hampden-Turner has a framework for assessment based on extensive consultation and competence. The emphasis of the levels of certification is to raise standards and validate experience whilst acknowledging existing excellence.  All interested in pursuing the licensee programme start with the Professional elearning modules of the 7D and Organisation Culture towards Dilemma Reconciliation methodology.

    • Certified Licensee – Professional
    • Accredited Licensee – Professional+
    • Master Licensee – via collaboration and partnerships with clients